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Birth of Yoagda : All the masters & teachers at Yoagda are highly qualified  and have been learning & sharing their experience’s  in their respective fields in the Himalayas.  Considering the quality of other Yoga institutes & Ashrams in the area, the master & teachers have felt and urgent need of an institution / retreat which can give true ,  real and original  experience of this ancient Knowledge of yoga,as per the scriptures.


To fulfill this urgent need Yogada  was created  as per the true meaning of it i.e  

Yog :  the perfect combination of right time & right situation  +   Da  :  The one who gives  = Yogada


Selection of Place:

As per the scriptures,   this ancient knowledge of yoga was given by lord Shiva  to the saints in the Himalayas to elevate the human consciousness.  Shivpuri  ( The place of Shiva) was selected for Yogada as the place is described as home of Shiva in puranas ( Scriptures). One can still feel the vibrancy & energy in the area, making it most suitable for yoga practices today as well.

Yogada is backed by the Team Himalayan of Garhwal Himalayan Explorations, which is the first professional Travel & Tours Operators, since 1989 specialized in Himalayan Adventure Holidays.  Pioneers in Trekking, Rafting & Expeditions in Himalayas, Team Himalayan is still the leading Tour company in the area, handling maximum foreign tourists coming to the area.

Team Himalayan backs yogada in its full capacity and uses its 25 years’ experience to add  more value & quality to Yogada Experiences for its Guests.







Masters and Teachers


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Rajeev Tewari  : Founder - Sattya Yoga Himalayas

MSc ( Organic Chemistry) & PGd in Himalayan Tourism
Born in a Brahmin Family in Himalayas Yogi Raj Jeev is has started his career as research Scientist after his post-graduation in Organic Chemistry & PgD in Himalayan Tourism. He is still heading the pioneer & Leading Adventure Tours & Travel company the - Garhwal Himalyan Explorations Pvt. Ltd with its base in Rishikesh.



Rajeev also heads the two of the Sattya Yoga Retreats .i.e High Bank Peasants Cottage in Rishikesh, & Ashram Yogada in Shivpuri Himalayas.
Despite of his busy schedule yogi Raj Jeev spends most of his time in exploring the new Dimensions of Hatha Yoga - the ancient art of wisdom, which was born in this part of Himalayas.




Yogi Rajeev is widely travelled throughout India & abroad and sees life from a different perspective.  He also takes classes in Yogada and directs the operations.


Rajeev is also the president of the Uttarakhand State Tourism Operators Association – UFO and fights for the right of local operators in the area. 

Guru yogi – Dr Laxmi Narayan

MSc – Post Graduation  in Yogic Science  & Phd in Yogic Science

Born in the small town of Rishikesh on the banks fo the holy Gangauru  Guru yogi has started visiting the old ashrms in Rishikesh to learn the science of yoga in his very lear age. . Later , to deepen his knowledge he has stated living  with  saints & sages in the Himalayas.


After hard work of many years  Guruyogi is now  one of the most qualified  yoga master in the country.

Guru yogi' s vision is to spread this ancient knowledge in its original & pure form, globally & guide the seeker to explore the hidden dimensions of Hatha  Yoga,  which was born in this part   of the  Himalayas.


Guru Yogi also practice s another hidden & rare aspect of Nadi Vigyan to heal the people in pain and great Knowledge of this rare ancient Indian science.

Guru Yogi has done seminars & taught in different universities of Korea, China & Japan and many parts

After seeing the present condition of yoga teaching in its distorted form everywhere , Guru Yogi has accepted to Guide the programs in Yogada.

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 Shri Ashish bist "Yogdharma"   was born an brought up in Rishikesh ,india which is known “capital of yoga” in the world ,he introduced to yoga and spirituality in early age  and since then has developed into a talented, focused and caring teacher. Studying different aspects of yoga with various experienced teachers  in India ,has deeply prepared  Ashish to help you embrace all aspects of your practice.


Ashish has been teaching Yoga more than 15 years and sharing knowledge of  Traditional method of yoga which is described as in ancient texts of yoga [Hatha  yoga pradipika/Patanjali yoga sutra]. Ashish ji also leads Hatha yoga  teacher trainings and immersions in China and India together with his mentor Shri G.S.Sahay [lecturer in Kaivalyadham yoga institute ,india] 


For most of his life Ashish ji has been dedicated to the research of body, mind, and soul - in an effort to transcend and union  with the Divine.

 He regularly contribute  articles of  yoga in local health magazines [in china] ,his mantra cd with Patanjali yoga sutra book [chinese translation] has been appreciated by yoga lovers in china almost 50 thousand copy's sold out until now ,recently he contributed  Yoga Asana performance in Hatha yoga Pradipika[chinese translation] as voluntary,he is always ready serve him self to social and environmental work  throw his karma yoga .presently he is giving his services to well known yoga Institute  in china Yoga summit [www.yogasummit.com.cn] as a senior teacher  and Director of teaching department.

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Prof. G. S. Sahay

 Born  on 2nd July 1951, Prof. G. S. Sahay, Gold Medalist  in Post-Graduation in Sanskrit from Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, is a favourite among his thousands of students of yoga. With initial formal training in Yoga from Kaivalyadhama Yoga Research Institute he joined the Philosophico Literary Research Department of the same institute in the year 1976. He started professing at the Gordhandas Seksaria College of Yoga from the Year 1977. His expertise in Hatha Yoga Text, Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Indian philosophy is widely acknowledged thereby making him an Eminent Yoga Expert for Traditional Knowledge Digital Library (TKDL) project of CSIR, Govt. of India. He is visiting faculty and Member of Board of Studies in Yoga for various universities. He has travelled to multiple Yoga schools across the globe to spread the essence of Traditional Yoga. In his illustrious service tenure at Kaivalyadhama, he contributed as co-editor in the preparation of books such as Yoga Concordance, Vasishthasamhita, Hathapradipika Jyotsna (Hindi) and various other Yogic texts. His first book on Hathayogapradipika (Chinese language) was published in 2012 from Yogasummit, Hangzhou, China.

Shri G. S. Sahay has worked as Head of the Philosophico Literary Research Department (PLRD) of Kaivalyadhama as  Assistant Director of Research and also was engaged as Managing Editor of Yoga Mimamsa, a Yoga Research Quarterly being published from Kaivalyadhama since 1924.




Dr Arpita Joshi

MSc – Yogic Science & Phd  in Yogic Therapy


Dr Arpita has been  working with Guruyogi for last 20 years and has taught & demonstrated in different universities globally.  She has worked for different documentaries of Discovery , Channal 4 and many other TV programs in different parts fo the world.


She is Gold medalist in her  Masters of Yoga  degree ans has received Gold Medal from the His Excellency the Governor of the State as well as  honoured by the Chief Minister of the State for her excellent work in the field of Yoga.


Her work with females suffering from endocrine glands has been a  great success.

She designs and executes all yoga training programs at yogada.


Seema : Co-Founder - Sattya Yoga
Born and brought up in the villages of foot hills of Himalayas, Seema has inherited great wisdom from his Grand father  who was a freedom fighter of India and traveled in different parts of India & other countries while fighting the world war.

Seema has great Knowledge about the Indian  Mythology takes care of Indian Mythology in sessions at Yogada.


Seema is a great cook and organizes food at Yogada as per Guru Yogis Instructions as per the Body type and requirement.



Seema has traveled world over and has leads very spiritual and discuplie life as per the Indian culture & traditions.


Dr. Sumant Bhahukhandi

M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Microbiology from University of Pune, India

Experience: Total 37 years: 6.5 years in Academics and 30.5 years in pharmaceutical industry.

Professional Expertise – International Trainer, International Auditor and Consultant


Dr Sumant is widely traveled and trains the top brass of the leading Pharma companies in India and different part of the world. Till date he has conducted 6600 seminars worldwide.


He is also Managing Director GMP Pharma Institute Private Limited and associated with Yogada to train the Participants from Yogic angle.

Dr. Shree Santpal:


Born & bought up in the high Himalayas of Uttarakahnd Santpal was spiritually inclined since his childhood.


Santpal has done his Yoga teachers training from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centre in south India and have taught Yoga & Meditation in some of the best centers in the area.


Now Santpal teaches meditation at Yogada and takes care of Ashram Guests at Yoagda in the Himalayas – A sattya Yoga Retreat.






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